Crimes Against Minors – Get The Evidence

We have several different ways to help gather evidence from devices.  We work with attorneys to help their clients get acquittals. 


We Have


Review the prosecution’s digital forensics report and findings, and identify inconsistencies or issues in methodology


Identify user accounts on digital devices that may contain illegal content, to help identify all potential users


Process evidence from peer-to-peer file sharing clients such as Shareaza, other BitTorrent sharing services, email, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 


How Much Do You Charge?

Our prices vary upon the service(s) you hire us for.  Give us a call and we will give you a quote, or match / beat any other licensed digital forensics companies quote. 

Can You Extract My Phone Without Shipping It ?

Yes, We have several techniques that we do for different devices. Please give us a call to discuss options you have.