Octo Cybersecurity Solutions


Endpoint Security

The need for effective endpoint security has increased substantially with the rise in mobile threats. OCTO supports and protects your systems with advanced insight and detection, a neural network, and end to end


Perimeter Security

Ensure your business is safe and secure with internal and external threat protection. OCTO utilizes a deep learning neural network to detect known and unknown threats, and Layer 7 firewalls to provide next-generation perimeter security that automatically isolates threats.


Log Analytics

Take your security to the next level. OCTO offers Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service, and security and access auditing to help you organization meet its security objectives.


Email Security

Did you know 91% of cyber attacks start with an email? OCTO email security appliances include advanced heuristics, multi-layered policy-driven filtering, and anti-malware and anti-spam.


We Help You Make Your Case

Modern businesses face threats on many fronts, and the more users, devices, and applications are added, the more vulnerable your network becomes. Your organization deserves powerful cybersecurity solutions that address every safety issue, including the ones you may not even realize you have. OCTO considers a wide range of security concerns, such as business strategy and planning, monitoring and operations, and defenses and controls, and can help build a solid foundation for a unified security system for your IT environment.


Successful Recovery Cases!


The Need for Greater Focus on Cybersecurity

More than ever businesses are looking to protect their most valuable assets from rising cyber-attacks and fraud. Find out more about these threats and possible solutions.

Ensure an expert team who takes action on your behalf to defuse any threat backs your organization. OCTO utilizes behavioral analysis and advanced threat forensics to deny attackers and block the exploits and techniques used to distribute malware.

Frequently Asked Questions 


How Much Do You Charge?

Our prices vary upon the service(s) you hire us for.  Give us a call and we will give you a quote, or match / beat any other licensed digital forensics companies quote. 

Can You Extract My Phone Without Shipping It ?

Yes, We have several techniques that we do for different devices. Please give us a call to discuss options you have. 

Can You Extract My Phone Without Shipping It ?

Our main lab is in San Diego, Califorinia.  However we have a large team that supports us in almost every city / state in the USA.  We also have some partners in Canada, UK, and Austraila.