Evidence Beats Lies In Divorce Court

When it is your word against another’s, evidence wins the day.  We authenticate text messages with an extraction for E-discovery for your divorce case.  Most divorces are about 2 things – assets & custody of kids.  


You Need More Than Your Word — You Need Evidence

Experienced family law and divorce attorneys know this hard truth: People lie, but digital evidence doesn’t. And without evidence, it’s just your word against someone else’s. How is the judge to know who is telling the truth?

A divorce trial can get very emotional, and very nasty. An angry spouse seeking to punish a soon-to-be ex might say anything. Don’t go to court assuming everything will be truthful and fair. Go into court with evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Can you help me catch my wife cheating?

We can aid in several different ways.   Typically, extracting data from a device, network, or cloud can find the evidence you suspect.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our prices vary upon the service(s) you hire us for.  Give us a call and we will give you a quote, or match / beat any other licensed digital forensics companies quote. 

I have proof my husband is cheating. Now what?

If you have the phone we can run an extraction in or lab, or set up a remote data extraction to pull the evidence from your phone. 

Can You Extract My Phone Without Shipping It ?

Our main lab is in San Diego, Califorinia.  However we have a large team that supports us in almost every city / state in the USA.  We also have some partners in Canada, UK, and Austraila.

Do you work with attorneys?

Yes, we work with handfuls of divorce attorneys all over the united states.  We can be expert witnesses for any court case.