JTAG & Chip-Off Forensics

acquire ALL data from damaged, locked or unsupported devices


Turn dark or blurry photos into images that tell the whole story.

Data Recovery

Match recorded voices to voiceprints to determine who said what.

Data Analysis

Determine whether a video or photo has been altered.

Forensic Analysis

Determine whether a video or photo has been altered.

In addition to conventional forensic analysis and evidence collection services, our laboratory preforms hundreds of advanced JTAG and chip-off data extractions annually. Recognized as a global leader in advanced mobile device forensics, we are available to support law enforcement and government investigations, civil litigation, corporate matters and private domestic issues. Our advanced full physical extraction techniques allow us to collect all data from devices when conventional forensic methods fail or are insufficient. Our lab is engaged to perform multiple JTAG and Chip-Off forensic examinations each week, in the majority of cases the exhibit device:


Successful Recovery Cases!

Advanced mobile phone forensic procedures include


is unsupported or only partially supported (logical or file-system only) by commercial forensic equipment and software


is secured with a password or pattern lock


has a disabled/locked data port (common with prepaid providers such as TracFone & StraighTalk) or completely lacks a data connection.


is damaged physically (by water/liquid, fire, trauma, etc.) or logically “bricked” (by software malfunction, data corruption, failed update, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions 


How Much Do You Charge?

Our prices vary upon the service(s) you hire us for.  Give us a call and we will give you a quote, or match / beat any other licensed digital forensics companies quote. 

Can You Extract My Phone Without Shipping It ?

Yes, We have several techniques that we do for different devices. Please give us a call to discuss options you have. 

Can You Extract My Phone Without Shipping It ?

Our main lab is in San Diego, Califorinia.  However we have a large team that supports us in almost every city / state in the USA.  We also have some partners in Canada, UK, and Austraila.