Octo Digital Forensics 

San Diego Digital Forensics Experts

Octo Digital Forensics Helps Clients Recover Data From Their Devices For Courts, Cases, Or Personal Use. Expert Witness Testimony, Affidavit Of Findings, Or Expert Advice available for seven days. a week.  Book A Discovery Call $250 & Funds Will Be Applied To Services If You Retain Us.

Who We Are



Octo Digital Forensics is a forensics agency based in San Diego that offers a variety of digital intelligence solutions to fit your digital forensics needs.  

We help our clients extract digital evidence that can be used as E-discovery for the court of law using Cellebrite, Magnet Forensics, or other software as needed for the case. As a digital forensics leader in the industry, Octo Digital Forensics is revolutionizing how digital evidence is extracted for the private sector. We use digital intelligence tools to find facts many people do not realize still exist.  We can recover data, deleted text, social media data, and much more.

Laptop Forensics 

We perform forensics on all types of laptops.  Our examiners can help no matter what operating system you have

Computer Forensics 

We perform forensics on computers, servers, and hard drives.  We help with network hardening & cloud security.

Cell Phone Forensics 

We perform forensics on all cell phones, both Android & iPhones. We have remote capability options to accomedate any situation.

Expert Witness

We can help guide you in the direction you need. Collaborate with the vetted & experienced expert witnesses for your case.

Authenticate Your Evidence 

3 Easy Steps To Getting Started

1. You Read & Sign The Proposal & Make Payment

We get to work within 24 hours of payment. being posted. If you have a rush, please let us know so we can attempt to accommodate you.  Our Venmo Address is https://venmo.com/digitalforensics .

2. You Ship Us Your Device 

We ask that you send us the device with a paid return slip to avoid any delays.  Depending on the service provided, we will provide you with the address to send the devices. 

3. We Find The Evidence Your Looking For

We provide detailed reports of our findings sent via email.  If you need an external hard drive or other, we provide those at a cost.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Awesome Service

I was so pleased with the service Octo digital forensics provided. After losing my data to my phone locking me out and having to go through a factory reset I was afraid I had lost all of my priceless pet photos and videos. After calling 6 other recovery companies and told it could not be recovered, Derick assured me he would do everything he could to recover my photos and videos. Thanks to Derick, I have the majority of my data back. Thank you for your time and expertise.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Finally the right people to help 

Ok I’ve been dealing with phone problems for right at three yrs. I’ve call other places. For help. This is the first place that actually helped me . immediately I had results. Turns s out I’m not crazy an my phone is hacked. Everything I thought was going on is… They called me personally to help an set up a time to fix my issues for good. I would recommend them to anyone. There just good people an I can’t say enough about how much they have helped me…..

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great relief! Thank you guys.

I’m sure lot of people won’t admit this, but I got catfished by some punks in Bangladesh. Derick quickly helped me track them down & negotiate with them until he could confirm they were not in the USA. They advised me to block them on all platforms. I have not heard back from them asking for funds or doing half the things they threatened me with. I was seriously stressed out big time. I cannot thank these guys enough 🙏.

Accidently Factory Reset?