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Octo Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery services you can trust from a company that has 98% success rate

SSL Encrypted Data

All your information is encrypted with 256 Bit AES to ensure compliance with the highest levels of data security in the industry.

24/7 Service

Data recovery cases can be unexpected, so expect us to be there whenever a data disaster strikes. Our experts stand by 24/7 to answer your questions and open a case

HIPAA Compliant Recovery

We utilize HIPAA compliant data recovery processes for all of our clients to guarantee that your data remains safe, secure, and free from prying eyes.

ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Room

Our ISO 5 Class 100 clean room protects your devices from pollutants and contaminants to give us the greatest chance of data recovery on any device.

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Symptoms Indicating You Need Laptop Data Recovery:


Laptop is displaying unusual error messages


Hard drive in your laptop is unresponsive or slow


Laptop fails to boot, constantly freezes, or blue screen occurs


Water or other liquid was spilled onto the laptop


The laptop was dropped or knocked over


Accidental formatting or deleting of files on the laptop


The laptop was subjected to a virus


The laptop overheated and damaged internal components


Files or folders are no longer accessible on the laptop


The laptop does not recognize the operating system


Physical damage or disaster has occurred


Laptop hard drive is corrupted

Frequently Asked Questions


What To Do If Your Laptop Has Failed

If you suspect your laptop needs data recovery, taking some precautions can dramatically increase the chances of a successful recovery. Our experts highly recommend discontinuing all usage to the laptop immediately if your device shows symptoms of failure. Continuing to power up a potentially failing laptop can cause further irreversible damage.

At Proven Data, our qualified technicians are trained to follow strict guidelines when handling your critical data to ensure the highest probability of success. The first attempt at data recovery always has the highest chance of being recovered. Hard drives are very delicate devices and any mishandling can be detrimental. This is why we stress the importance of utilizing a data recovery company with state of the art laptop recovery equipment, trained data recovery engineers, and years of experience in the industry. Our team of professionals stays up to date with the latest advancements in laptop data recovery technology allowing us to make use of the most effective methods available.

If you encounter a situation of potential laptop data loss, it is important to contact one of our experts for a free consultation so we can begin the evaluation process and maximize the chances for data recovery.

We Recover Data On All Major Laptop Laptop Manufacturers
  • Acer Laptop Data Recovery
  • Gateway Laptop Data Recovery
  • Emachine Laptop Data Recovery
  • Mac Laptop Data Recovery
  • Apple Laptop Data Recovery
  • PC Laptop Data Recovery
  • Dell Laptop Data Recovery
  • Fujitsu Laptop Data Recovery
  • Sony Laptop Data Recovery
  • HP Laptop Data Recovery
  • Compaq Laptop Data Recovery
  • Alienware Laptop Data Recovery
  • Lenovo Laptop Data Recovery
  • IBM Laptop Data Recovery
  • Panasonic Laptop Data Recovery
  • Samsung Laptop Data Recovery
  • Toshiba Laptop Data Recovery