Network Hardening


For our network hardening, we require 1 hour in order to do an initial scan to see what’s wrong. Based on our findings, we remove or fix the issues making your wifi, router, and network security safe.


Spyware is one of the most common threats on the internet. It can easily infect your device and it can be hard to identify. Spyware is a threat to businesses and individual users since it can steal sensitive information and harm your network.

Knowing what to look for can help stop an attack in progress. The symptoms below could be indicators of a breach of your device.

  • Quick battery drain
  • Sluggish performance
  • Higher than normal data usage
  • Crashes or random reboots
  • Strange text messages or notifications
  • Missing quick launch menu or other broken features. Jailbreaking or rooting is a common sign of Spyware being installed on a system. Jailbreaking allows the device to run at the administrator level, with full access to the operating system.


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