Digital Forensics Services

Unlock & Extract

We unlock and extract crucial mobile phone evidence from all iOS & high end Android devices

Custom Hardware

We use proprietary hardware solutions that work remotely with our software

Computer Extractions

We have the ability to extract any computer including IOS Macs & PC’s, drones, IoT devices, and more.

Licensed Examiners

Our Examiners are licensed are ready to be an expert witness for any legal case, jury selection, or hr investigation

E-Discovery Experts

We find electronic data with the intent of using it as evidence in court cases

Corporate Forensics

We help corporations stay secure by discovering what employees are doing by monitoring for trigger terms.

Extract Cell Phones & Tablets

We extract cell phones, and tablets to find deleted messages, images, 3rd party app data, and more

Spyware Checks & Removals

We can scan your computer to find and remove spyware or malware on devices

White Label Services

We have partners all over the globe who put their logo on our extraction reports and charge what they want.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

We work with private investigators, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, corporations, and the public sector to help find factual digital evidence on any device with digital intelligience.

Internet Based Businesses

Public & Private Companies

Law Firms & Public Defenders

Cyber Security Companies