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Modern malware and spyware can completely take over your cell phone, tablet or computer. It can turn your own phone or device into a spy in your own home, watching your every move and recording your every word. It can grab your banking information, passwords and more. Digital Forensics Corp. can help you fight back. Our computer forensics experts can help detect malicious spyware and get rid of it.

Our computer forensics investigators and network security experts can root out spyware and help you prove you’ve been hacked. We do it for individuals and for businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 organizations. We have sites across the United States and Canada, so we can get you help fast.


We can determine whether a device has been infested.


e can tell you what to look for, and whether your are justified.


We will help rid your device the malicious software.


detailed report will show when and how your device might have been tampered with

You won’t believe what malicious software can do

The capabilities of hackers with modern spyware and malware are, quite frankly, frightening


They can listen in on conversations in your home and record them.


They can turn on webcam and watch your every move.


They can monitor every keystroke on your computer.


They can take over your social media accounts.


They can track your movements.

By Derick

Octo PI

We sell fully equipped digital forensics hardware to go with the software.  Our white label services include 1 Octo Pi & all connections for all devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


How Much Do You Charge?

Our prices vary upon the service(s) you hire us for.  Give us a call and we will give you a quote, or match / beat any other licensed digital forensics companies quote. 

Can You Extract My Phone Without Shipping It ?

Yes, We have several techniques that we do for different devices. Please give us a call to discuss options you have. 

Can You Extract My Phone Without Shipping It ?

Our main lab is in San Diego, Califorinia.  However we have a large team that supports us in almost every city / state in the USA.  We also have some partners in Canada, UK, and Austraila.

Access is the cornerstone of Octo Digital Forensics

Locked and encrypted mobile devices contain valuable information pertinent to your investigation. They sit, unexamined, in evidence rooms allowing crimes to go unsolved.

At Octo, we understand that finding answers means accessing ALL of the data. Our team of cybersecurity researchers is dedicated to building innovative technology to gain “device access.” With Octo PI you can be confident that you have the maximum amount of information available for your case in less time.

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