One of your loved ones has disappeared and you want to do everything possible to find him. Report the disappearance to the authorities, call on a private detective, contact associations. Several things need to be known, depending on the circumstances of the disappearance, to proceed in the most efficient way possible.

“Once the type of device is identified, the investigator can determine the best way to collect and analyze the data.”

First of all, contact all the relatives of the minor: family, friends, neighbors. Go to the places where the minor usually goes: a skate park, a playground, a football field, a video games, a porch near a shopping center where he/she usually hangs out with his/her friends. Also contact the managers of the places he/she frequents: school, college, high school, sports club, summer camp. Don’t hesitate to gather any information, no matter how innocuous.

Inspect his/her room to determine if he/she has taken his/her personal belongings: his/her mobile phone, his/her identity papers, a backpack, his/her phone charger, his/her computer, his/her clothes. These elements will help you to know s It’s an organized runaway.

After carrying out all this research, bring a recent photo of the child and contact the police or the gendarmerie near your home, whether you think it is a runaway or a worrying disappearance.

You can also at this stage call on a private detective who will contact the authorities to warn them of his parallel investigation. In these cases, cooperation is very useful and all the options to find the minor can help. The private detective can for example deliver the new elements that he discovers to the authorities, as and when.

Four criteria are assessed:

  • This is a proven kidnapping and not a disappearance (even worrying)
  • The victim is a minor
  • The life or physical integrity of the child is in danger
  • The Prosecutor has information the dissemination of which may allow the location of the child or his abductor.

Even if these criteria are met, the decision to trigger the Abduction Alert plan remains at the discretion of the Prosecutor, who may deem it dangerous for the life of the child to disseminate the report.

Another path is available to relatives: that of associations. Indeed, for many years, certain associations have helped in the search for people, using a network of volunteers throughout the territory. This help can be very useful for communicating with the general public and why not collect testimonials. The help of these associations may well be requested in addition to any other research or investigation.

If you want to know if the person is still alive, you can contact the town hall of his place of birth and ask for a birth certificate without filiation. It is not necessary to be related to the missing person. If the person is deceased, this information will be entered as a marginal note on the birth certificate. These steps can also be taken if the missing person was born abroad.

For all your steps, whether in preparation for a request to open an investigation with the authorities or for your research, you can ask for the help of a private detective who can accompany you, advise you, or carry out these steps for you.